Monday, July 7, 2014

Makeup Tips N Tricks

Here are some simple tips amd tricks to help make your makeup flawless!
  Thicker Eyelashes
Apply the desired mascara, then apply a powder (eyeshadow, baby powder or powdered concealer) to the wet lashes, focusing on the tips. Apply another layer of mascara and it will stick to the powder, making a 'false eyelash' look.

   Pencil Eyliner Into Gel
Is your pencil eyeliner too thick and hard to apply? Place the tip of the eyeliner under a flame (match, lighter, or candle) for a few short seconds. Allow to cool for anywhere between 5-15 minutes before applying.
   Greasy Eyeliner Made Thicker
Eyeliner too greasy? Put it into the freezer a few hours before use.

   Greasy Eyeliner From Running
If your eyeliner tends to melt, apply a powder of the same color on top of it for extra staying power!

    Make Eyeshadow Pop
If your eyeshadow is too dull or just won't show very well on your skin, try this! Apply white eyeliner or eyeshadow on lids before eyeshadow. This makes the color show up much easier!

    Eyeliner Lines and Wings
Winged eyeliner or the 'cat eye' look has become very popular. But many struggle to get perfect lines or wings. There are several ways to get perfect lines.
1. Line up tape from right below the eyebrow to a little bit past the corner of the eyelid (at desired angle). If tape is too sticky, stick it to your hand a few times before applying. After this, apply eyeliner along tape.
2. Line up the straight handle of a spoon against the corner of the eye, then mark the line with eyeliner. Use the round end of the spoon, lined up from the eyeliner line to the lid and draw another line. Fill it in for a perfect cat eye!
3. Use a business card or post it note. You can measure the card to your eye and cut out a stencil for your favorite eyeliner design.
4. Use a straight edge such as a business card and draw the eyeliner lines along them for straight lines.

   Curled Eyelashes
Have trouble using an eyelash curler on your lashes? Heat it up with a hair dryer before using! Make sure it isn't too hot before using.

   Applying Fake Eyelashes
When you buy a new pair of false eyelashes, put your fingers on each end and bend it. This is hard to explain so click the link. How to Effortlessly Apply False Eyelashes: 

I hope these tips help everyone who sees this, and thank you for reading! Feel free to follow me here and on my YouTube. :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Goth Role Models

When I first got a smartphone (and internet) I would stay up all night researching tutorials and such, mainly on YouTube. Here is a short list of a few of my inspirations. I hope they help and can become your role models too!

Kill Natalie-

This was my first active role model. She is very smart and loves writing, poetry, and music just like me!I love her romantic goth style mixed with vampire goth was adorable. She doesn't post much anymore but is definitely worth checking out.

Joji Grey-

Amazing. Awesome. Joji is very opinionated and has plenty of advice for many goth things. There are posts about life, help for people, and even what to do when your parents don't accept you being a goth.

Sebastian Columbine-

Beautiful! She doesn't like gender roles, but for this I will refer to her as a female to make it easier. She is death rock, or trad goth, as some would call it. Tons of tutorials from this girl as well as opinions and advice also. Sebastian is hilarious! If you need a good laugh or just a tutorial for her flawless makeup, visit her YouTube!

Kazlovesbat or @the_goblin_queen -

Allison is one of my favorite of my inspirations. She posts makeup, fashion, advice, opinions, and much more. I love her attitude as well as her look. She is the singer in a band called Esoterik which is, by the way, AMAZING!!! It seems like a mix of traditional 80's goth music and modern music. She is also the best at responding to her fans, especially on Instagram. She responded to me once with just a smiley face, and I about crapped mah pants. She even came up with her own style she calls Elven Goth. It is based off of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Allison is a MUST to check out!

Well hope this list may help and inspire you as these people did for me. :) Feel free to comment. Email me at  Or visit my YouTube channel. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Goth DIY

I never realized how easily you can make your own gothic clothing. And its super cheap!
  So, how can this be done? Simple!
1. Go to your local store that sells clothing (even some Walmarts).
2. Look through all materials and consider what kind of skirt/ project you want. If you want a tutu-like skirt, pick out the color of tool you want. Tool is the fluffy, mesh-like material.
3. Pick your pattern. Most places that sell fabrics also sell packets that show one or more patterns you can make in your size.
4. Determine what materials you want for said clothing.
5. Make sure there is enough cloth left for your size and any additions you may add.
6. Don't forget extras! This can be anything from zippers, needles, thread, or small decorations like bows and chains.
7. Start your project!
                   I hope this helps for those who think most goth clothes are unaffordable, making a cheaper, more personalized, alternative.
   Please feel free to comment and even leave a picture if possible of your finished project(s)! Also, any requests for tutorials or recommendations? Comment below!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Red Rum

A poem I wrote a while back.
    Red Rum
Red rum, red rum,
What have I done?
Red rum, red rum,
Dispose of the gun.
Red rum, red rum,
Why did he run?
Red rum, red rum,
Well he lives in the slums.
Red rum, red rum,
Bullet through the ear drum.
Red rum, red rum,
What a bum!
Red rum, red rum,
The struggle was fun.

Red rum, red rum,
Taught him respect.
Red rum, red rum,
Not a single regret.
Red rum, red rum,
Who could forget?
Red rum, red rum,
Paid off his debt.
Red rum, red rum,
I'm not upset.
Red rum, red rum,
After all this bloodshed ...
Red rum, red rum,
He's finally dead!

-LeAnn Lore
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What is Goth?

What is Goth?
When you think of a Goth, what do you think of? Someone clad in black that needs a tan? Someone who listens to 'scary' music?
There are a lot of Goth stereotypes and things that Goths say MUST apply to make you a Goth. If you research the subculture, you often see that people say it is based off the music or fashion.
The "Bat cave" music, specifically. But not all music that is by Goth artists, is Goth music. So, my opinion, who cares? You should be able to listen to whatever music you like! Personally, I do listen to some of this 'Goth' music. Although, I mainly listen to Metal and Rock music. Even techno/dubstep.
Another thing you can find; others believe it is based off the fashion. Some say you must wear all or mostly black. You must wear DIY things. That isn't true! Does it mean it isn't Goth if you do? Nope! There are many types of Goth. Some dress like vampires (vampire Goth), black and bright colors (Cyber Goth), and some mostly wear chains on their pants and band shirts (Metal Head). I am not saying these are requirements, but what people consider if they see how you dress.
   So not all Goths have to wear all black. There are no standards and shouldn't be.
My Definition of Goth
To me, Goth is a love for the dark. Goths find beauty in things many people don't (ex: graveyards). Goth is being yourself to the point you don't care what others think or say about you. So dress how you want to dress, listen to whatever you want to, and be yourself! Nobody is exactly the same and it should stay that way. Who wants to look like every one else? Why would you want to blend in? I like to stand out and show my personality. I don't follow trends just to "be cool". I wear what I like and makes me happy. So go ahead and do the same! :)

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Baby Bat Years

The story of how I became a Goth.

I have always loved to read. I have also always loved vampires. I used to go to my local library to get books in the teen fiction section. One day in 5th grade I came across a book titled: Vampire Kisses. I was instantly interested.
The book is about a Goth girl named Raven who loves vampires as much as I do. I instantly fell in love with Raven. She was my role model. She wore black lipstick, dark makeup, knee high Demonia boots, and always stuck up for herself.
Because I always have loved things that are dark, this made me realize what I should do. I was just like Raven, so why not be Goth too?
My parents wouldn't allow me to wear black makeup of any kind, nor black nail polish and clothes. So I wore silver. Everyday I put on silver lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow, etc. I always grew up listening to metal and rock, so that wasn't hard.
After a while, when my parents began to grow apart, I slowly started getting darker. I began painting my nails black, then black eyeliner. Soon I was a full on Baby Bat. I was the stereotypical Goth.
I never had internet until 8th or 9th grade. Once I did, I began to research. I looked up the Goth subculture, Goth music, and what it means to be a true Goth. I began to grow out of my Baby Bat stage. I got my own combat boots and wore black all the time.
There are many types of Goth. Such as Cyber Goth, Romantic Goth, Deathrock, Lolita Goth,  and Vampire Goth. But I like some things from many of these, so why put myself in a category within another category?
Now I have to wear uniforms for school but still manage to express myself with my jewelry, hair, makeup, and shoes.
So if you are a Baby Bat, don't fret! We were all Baby Bat's at one point in time. And they shouldn't be made fun of, they are just taking an interest and learning as they go.

Be yourself!!!

My 10 (Un) Goth Confessions

(not in order)
1. My favorite color is not black! It's actually red, like blood. //,_,^
2.I'm afraid of the dark! I love night but I do not like dark rooms. I'm too scared a monster may get me!
3. I love stuffed animals! I have a ton of them. From wolves, to tigers, and even chickens. I still sleep with my dog stuffed animal from when I was 6.
4. My favorite band isn't Goth. It's actually My Chemical Romance. Although I do like Goth bands too. I listen to metal, Techno, dubstep, rock, and some country music.
5. I'm a very unsocial Goth! I am the only Goth in my town, so I don't know any others, nor do I know how to talk to them. There isn't even a Goth clique at my school.
6. I love footy PJ's! I wear ones that are red with penguins all over. I am saving to get a Bat onesie.
7. I usually can't watch horror movies! I get scared so easily, I can't watch any alone. I definitely can't without lights on and a stuffed animal to cuddle.
8. I have a naturally tan complexion. My dad is part Native American, and we both tan very easily. I am only pale from years of avoiding the sun.
9. I shoot a bow for a hobby. My brother and I were learning to shoot since we could pull back the string. My father hunts deer, so he wanted us to be able to also.
10. I'm not very confident. Most people who are Goth, are confident. I don't usually have much of it. I am medically overweight (Curvy, in my world) and so it is hard to have much confidence when I was always made fun of.

Some of these may seem as if they have nothing to do with Goth, but I based most of them off of stereotypes. Thanks for viewing this, please comment and tell your friends about me. :)