Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Goth Role Models

When I first got a smartphone (and internet) I would stay up all night researching tutorials and such, mainly on YouTube. Here is a short list of a few of my inspirations. I hope they help and can become your role models too!

Kill Natalie-

This was my first active role model. She is very smart and loves writing, poetry, and music just like me!I love her romantic goth style mixed with vampire goth was adorable. She doesn't post much anymore but is definitely worth checking out.

Joji Grey-

Amazing. Awesome. Joji is very opinionated and has plenty of advice for many goth things. There are posts about life, help for people, and even what to do when your parents don't accept you being a goth.

Sebastian Columbine-

Beautiful! She doesn't like gender roles, but for this I will refer to her as a female to make it easier. She is death rock, or trad goth, as some would call it. Tons of tutorials from this girl as well as opinions and advice also. Sebastian is hilarious! If you need a good laugh or just a tutorial for her flawless makeup, visit her YouTube!

Kazlovesbat or @the_goblin_queen -

Allison is one of my favorite of my inspirations. She posts makeup, fashion, advice, opinions, and much more. I love her attitude as well as her look. She is the singer in a band called Esoterik which is, by the way, AMAZING!!! It seems like a mix of traditional 80's goth music and modern music. She is also the best at responding to her fans, especially on Instagram. She responded to me once with just a smiley face, and I about crapped mah pants. She even came up with her own style she calls Elven Goth. It is based off of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Allison is a MUST to check out!

Well hope this list may help and inspire you as these people did for me. :) Feel free to comment. Email me at vamp5797@gmail.com  Or visit my YouTube channel. Thanks for reading!