Monday, July 7, 2014

Makeup Tips N Tricks

Here are some simple tips amd tricks to help make your makeup flawless!
  Thicker Eyelashes
Apply the desired mascara, then apply a powder (eyeshadow, baby powder or powdered concealer) to the wet lashes, focusing on the tips. Apply another layer of mascara and it will stick to the powder, making a 'false eyelash' look.

   Pencil Eyliner Into Gel
Is your pencil eyeliner too thick and hard to apply? Place the tip of the eyeliner under a flame (match, lighter, or candle) for a few short seconds. Allow to cool for anywhere between 5-15 minutes before applying.
   Greasy Eyeliner Made Thicker
Eyeliner too greasy? Put it into the freezer a few hours before use.

   Greasy Eyeliner From Running
If your eyeliner tends to melt, apply a powder of the same color on top of it for extra staying power!

    Make Eyeshadow Pop
If your eyeshadow is too dull or just won't show very well on your skin, try this! Apply white eyeliner or eyeshadow on lids before eyeshadow. This makes the color show up much easier!

    Eyeliner Lines and Wings
Winged eyeliner or the 'cat eye' look has become very popular. But many struggle to get perfect lines or wings. There are several ways to get perfect lines.
1. Line up tape from right below the eyebrow to a little bit past the corner of the eyelid (at desired angle). If tape is too sticky, stick it to your hand a few times before applying. After this, apply eyeliner along tape.
2. Line up the straight handle of a spoon against the corner of the eye, then mark the line with eyeliner. Use the round end of the spoon, lined up from the eyeliner line to the lid and draw another line. Fill it in for a perfect cat eye!
3. Use a business card or post it note. You can measure the card to your eye and cut out a stencil for your favorite eyeliner design.
4. Use a straight edge such as a business card and draw the eyeliner lines along them for straight lines.

   Curled Eyelashes
Have trouble using an eyelash curler on your lashes? Heat it up with a hair dryer before using! Make sure it isn't too hot before using.

   Applying Fake Eyelashes
When you buy a new pair of false eyelashes, put your fingers on each end and bend it. This is hard to explain so click the link. How to Effortlessly Apply False Eyelashes: 

I hope these tips help everyone who sees this, and thank you for reading! Feel free to follow me here and on my YouTube. :)