Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What is Goth?

What is Goth?
When you think of a Goth, what do you think of? Someone clad in black that needs a tan? Someone who listens to 'scary' music?
There are a lot of Goth stereotypes and things that Goths say MUST apply to make you a Goth. If you research the subculture, you often see that people say it is based off the music or fashion.
The "Bat cave" music, specifically. But not all music that is by Goth artists, is Goth music. So, my opinion, who cares? You should be able to listen to whatever music you like! Personally, I do listen to some of this 'Goth' music. Although, I mainly listen to Metal and Rock music. Even techno/dubstep.
Another thing you can find; others believe it is based off the fashion. Some say you must wear all or mostly black. You must wear DIY things. That isn't true! Does it mean it isn't Goth if you do? Nope! There are many types of Goth. Some dress like vampires (vampire Goth), black and bright colors (Cyber Goth), and some mostly wear chains on their pants and band shirts (Metal Head). I am not saying these are requirements, but what people consider if they see how you dress.
   So not all Goths have to wear all black. There are no standards and shouldn't be.
My Definition of Goth
To me, Goth is a love for the dark. Goths find beauty in things many people don't (ex: graveyards). Goth is being yourself to the point you don't care what others think or say about you. So dress how you want to dress, listen to whatever you want to, and be yourself! Nobody is exactly the same and it should stay that way. Who wants to look like every one else? Why would you want to blend in? I like to stand out and show my personality. I don't follow trends just to "be cool". I wear what I like and makes me happy. So go ahead and do the same! :)

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