Saturday, January 11, 2014

Goth DIY

I never realized how easily you can make your own gothic clothing. And its super cheap!
  So, how can this be done? Simple!
1. Go to your local store that sells clothing (even some Walmarts).
2. Look through all materials and consider what kind of skirt/ project you want. If you want a tutu-like skirt, pick out the color of tool you want. Tool is the fluffy, mesh-like material.
3. Pick your pattern. Most places that sell fabrics also sell packets that show one or more patterns you can make in your size.
4. Determine what materials you want for said clothing.
5. Make sure there is enough cloth left for your size and any additions you may add.
6. Don't forget extras! This can be anything from zippers, needles, thread, or small decorations like bows and chains.
7. Start your project!
                   I hope this helps for those who think most goth clothes are unaffordable, making a cheaper, more personalized, alternative.
   Please feel free to comment and even leave a picture if possible of your finished project(s)! Also, any requests for tutorials or recommendations? Comment below!

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