Saturday, August 31, 2013

My 10 (Un) Goth Confessions

(not in order)
1. My favorite color is not black! It's actually red, like blood. //,_,^
2.I'm afraid of the dark! I love night but I do not like dark rooms. I'm too scared a monster may get me!
3. I love stuffed animals! I have a ton of them. From wolves, to tigers, and even chickens. I still sleep with my dog stuffed animal from when I was 6.
4. My favorite band isn't Goth. It's actually My Chemical Romance. Although I do like Goth bands too. I listen to metal, Techno, dubstep, rock, and some country music.
5. I'm a very unsocial Goth! I am the only Goth in my town, so I don't know any others, nor do I know how to talk to them. There isn't even a Goth clique at my school.
6. I love footy PJ's! I wear ones that are red with penguins all over. I am saving to get a Bat onesie.
7. I usually can't watch horror movies! I get scared so easily, I can't watch any alone. I definitely can't without lights on and a stuffed animal to cuddle.
8. I have a naturally tan complexion. My dad is part Native American, and we both tan very easily. I am only pale from years of avoiding the sun.
9. I shoot a bow for a hobby. My brother and I were learning to shoot since we could pull back the string. My father hunts deer, so he wanted us to be able to also.
10. I'm not very confident. Most people who are Goth, are confident. I don't usually have much of it. I am medically overweight (Curvy, in my world) and so it is hard to have much confidence when I was always made fun of.

Some of these may seem as if they have nothing to do with Goth, but I based most of them off of stereotypes. Thanks for viewing this, please comment and tell your friends about me. :)

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